Tea Parties Aren’t Just For Kids

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There’s no denying the benefits of drinking tea.  From the antioxidants (white tea has the highest levels of antioxidants because it is the least processed) to the flavonoids that help with blood vessel function, tea definitely has some health benefits above and beyond that warm, cozy feeling it gives us. The tannins and antigens in black tea have shown to be helpful in fighting viruses and strengthening the immune system. Studies show that tea can help boost your concentration and memory function while reducing the level of the stress hormone cortisol. Many teas, such as kombucha, ginger and peppermint are said to aid in digestion.

From strong to mild, caffeinated or herbal, hot or cold, there are so many options to try, it might be fun to host a modern day tea party—or tea tasting, to sample different varieties.

Tip: Here’s an electric kettle with color-coded individual temperature settings so you can set your water to the exact temperature that’s ideal depending on the type of tea you’re brewing. (Example—Black tea at 212 degrees and green tea at 175 degrees. Chefman 1.7 Liter Electric Glass Tea Kettle with One Touch Easy Operation Fast Heating Hot Water Boiler, Separates from Swivel Base for Cordless Pouring, BPA Free, Auto Shut-Off, 7 Cup Capacity.

And here’s a great assortment of loose teas to try.

While iced tea is still more popular in the US than hot tea, many of us enjoy easing into the morning with a cup of tea instead of coffee or making our lattes with chai tea instead of espresso .  There’s a certain soothing feeling about a cup of herbal tea, as well as an implied elegance to the tradition of afternoon tea with scones and sandwiches.

If the idea of planning a tea party sounds like something aimed at little girls dressed up in their mother’s pearls and high heels serving pretend tea to their stuffed  teddy bears, then think again.  Or not actually……that’s a pretty great idea for a kid’s birthday party and a fairly easy theme to pull off if you’re parenting anyone still in the “princess” phase.

But don’t forget to expand this idea to include the adults in your life too……many people are pairing different dishes with a variety of teas, and we’re talking  more than the traditional finger sandwiches and desserts.  Whether you’re serving hot or cold tea, some common pairings include black teas with richer, heartier meals; green teas with lighter or vegetarian meals, and Chai tea with custard, rice and/or bread.

Having a variety of tea pots on hand to feature different teas is a great way to experiment with friends to find your own favorite pairings.  And any excuse to come together as a group, share some recipes and a meal, and make memories with those we love is a win.  As for dressing up your table, check out these beautiful tea cup sets.

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